Working for a safe, secure, and diverse community by helping everyone be part of the solutions, and working to prevent crimes before they occur.

Public safety is about maintaining an adequate police force and fire department, while also addressing the physical and social conditions necessary to keep our community safe. Ypsilanti suffers if our city is, or is seen as, unsafe. Public safety is also about building positive relationships, like so many parts of our city’s success. Amanda will focus on strengthening the bond between local and area agencies for safety patrols and response to emergency situations. Collaborating with city department, property owners, schools and the university can help us develop best practices for safety and security. With these in place we can encourage the reporting of problem areas, support community policing, and hold landlords accountable for upkeep and tenant screening.

By recognizing the role the planning and design of our properties play in encouraging and enabling crime, we can promote designs for new and existing properties that ensure eyes on the street, good lighting, and safe passage.

We can never forget the root causes of criminal activity when we seek to improve public safety. Amanda’s approach will take into consideration economic instability, lack of support, abuse and neglect, as well as other factors in determining how we as a community can work to prevent crime.