Building the Ypsilanti community by drawing strength from its diversity and ensuring opportunities exist for all.

Ypsilanti residents pride ourselves on our community’s diversity. The mix of people from different backgrounds is what drew Amanda to Ypsilanti, and it’s what makes our community so rich. On any given street in Ypsilanti you can find a new immigrant, a third generation resident, a college student, or a new family. We all bring something to this community.

Every citizen of Ypsilanti, no matter their background, deserves the chance to pursue their dreams. Creating the necessary support ad opportunity is key to breaking the cycle of poverty that is all too common in our city. We thrive as a community only when all of our citizens thrive.

Ypsilanti prides itself on its heritage, be it our historic architecture or rich cultural history. Amanda likes to say, “visit here, love here, and live here.”