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Jerry Clayton, Washtenaw County Sheriff
Julie Abuelsamid
Beth & Lisa Bashert
Stewart Beal
Kira Berman
Joe Bertoletti and Jenny Murphy
Jason Bing
Andrew Brisson
Ellen Bunting
Leo Cartier Jr.
Carole Clare
John W. Coleman, Ph.D.
Kristen J. Cuhran
Liz Dahl MacGregor
Katie Doyle
State Representative Gretchen Driskell
Joshua Elliot
Scott Elliott
Stacey Fallis
Cheryl Farmer, MD
John Fenton
Linda French
Sandee French
Greg Gehl
Ginette Golembiewski
Diana Gonzalez
Rene Greff
Barbara Hayworth
Mark Higbee
Natalie Holbrook
David Karat
Rick & Carol Leyshock
Joe Malcoun
James Marks
Patrick McLean
Desmond Miller
Erica Mooney
S. Kerene Moore
Joseph Montgomery
Krista Nordberg
Regan Parker
Candace B. Pinaud and Greg Marker
Yousef Rabhi
Lena Reeves
Janette Rook
Professor Melanie Schuessler
Paul Saginaw
Paul Schreiber, Current Ypsilanti Mayor
Conan Smith
Lisa Rose Starner MPA
Mark Stranahan
Jason Tallant
Lorie Thom
Kody Vitale
Amy Walker
Elizabeth Warren
Tyler Weston
Steve Wilcoxen
Roberta Wojcik-Andrews
Nora Lee Wright
Dr. Nahid Yahyai
Adrienne Ziegler

Amanda Edmonds is just what Ypsilanti needs. She cares deeply about our City and all of its citizens. She is enthusiastic and upbeat– a real leader and a good neighbor. I have seen how hard she works, and I believe we should give her the chance to bring this attitude and dedication to our City as our next Mayor.

Kristen Cuhran, Ward 1

Only one time in my life have I crossed paths with someone for the very first time and thought, “natural leader.” The year was 2012 and that person was Amanda Edmonds.

David Kabat, Owner of Haabs

Amanda has the experience and knowledge to be our next mayor. She is the executive director of the non-profit Growing Hope as well as the chair of the Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority. Her exuberance and energy will make our city attractive to businesses, young professionals, and families. Vote Amanda!

Mayor Paul Schreiber

Amanda shops local, grows local, and helps others to do the same. That’s everything we need our civic leaders to be.

Joshua Elliot, Ward 1

Amanda is driven, organized, caring, and open. She loves Ypsilanti and works tirelessly in both her profession and her extra curricular activities to support our city. She’s an enthusiastic leader who has great vision for how Ypsilanti could thrive. She’s sensitive to our unique issues and possesses innovative ideas that will push our city forward over the next decade. I’m proud to support her run for Mayor.

Regan Parker, Ward 1

I have sat on the DDA with Amanda for years. We elected her our chair because she is so responsible, caring, organized and smart. She truly cares about our city and I feel she is the one to drive us forward in this crucial time. She would be a great mayor for the wonderful city of Ypsilanti.

Linda French, Owner of Sidetrack and Ypsi resident

Amanda is a fantastic leader who has a wonderful, inspiring and contagious attitude. She makes others want to be better leaders. Ypsilanti would be fortunate to have her as mayor.

John Coleman, Owner of Look in the Attic

Amanda is passionate about all the right issues to move our incredible community forward. With more energy than anyone I’ve ever met, when Amanda sets a vision, she never fails to make positive change happen. Ypsilanti needs Amanda’s relentless commitment and vision. She is simply the right candidate for Ypsilanti at this time.

Katie Doyle, Ward 2

Amanda looks for ways to meet the needs of the community, not excuses for why it can’t be done. Her intent is right and she never gives up.

Lena Reeves, Ward 2

Amanda is a spirited and dynamic leader. She is passionate about sustainable development, and helping those in need. She has demonstrated this by starting and running her own nonprofit, Growing Hope, which helps Ypsilanti residents become self sufficient and grow their own food! Her position with the Michigan Food Policy Council, and the Washtenaw Food Policy Council are a testament to her leadership and expertise. She is positive, energetic, and deeply rooted in the Ypsilanti community. Ypsilanti deserves Amanda Edmonds!

Kody Vitale, EMU Student

I support Amanda Edmonds for Mayor of Ypsilanti because, over the course of many years, I have witnessed her amazing ability to lead, her willingness to serve people from all walks of life, and her commitment to seeing Ypsi, in all its diversity, thrive. I can think of no better candidate for the position of Mayor than Amanda, because I know for certain that during her time in office, she will ceaselessly dedicate her unparalleled abilities to helping Ypsilanti reach its potential.

Joseph Montgomery, Ward 3

Amanda has the vision, the energy, the commitment and the dedication to be an excellent mayor!

Patrick McLean, Ward 2

I have known and worked with Amanda for nearly three years on Ypsilanti’s Downtown Development Authority. I have found Amanda to be involved in all aspects of the city; questioning the direction and funding of the city’s decisions (she is tenacious in getting an answer to her question). She is knowledgeable in many aspects of business as well as finding solutions to problems. She is open to listening to suggestions and meeting with those who have a problem. She works tirelessly to stay informed on issues that affect the citizens and neighbors of the City of Ypsilanti.  I am thrilled to be able to support Amanda for the next Mayor of Ypsilanti.

Sandee French, Owner of Aubrees, Ward 3

Spend five minutes with Amanda Edmonds and it’s apparent that she’s the best candidate to become mayor. Her passion and dedication for the city of Ypsilanti is truly inspiring. The vision Ms. Edmonds has for the future of our city is the reason you should cast your vote for her to be elected as mayor.

Desmond Miller, EMU Student Body President

Amanda is unique as a candidate in her understanding and commitment to diversity and social justice, which is profound and unwavering.

Diana Gonzalez, Ward 3

Amanda Edmonds is highly skilled, talented and accomplished but it is her character that really sets her apart. I always thought good character to be more impressive than the display of talent or accomplishment. Talent for the most part is a gift. Good character by contrast is not given to us. We have to build it as Amanda has done piece by piece – by her thought, her choices, her courage and her accomplishments.

Paul Saginaw

Amanda Edmonds has done so much for the Ypsilanti community, and she is always formulating new ideas for making things better! She is engaged, responsive, and concerned about all of the various stakeholders in Ypsi.

Professor Melanie Scheussler, Ward 3

I first got to know Amanda in her capacity as Executive Director of Growing Hope and was immediately impressed with her vision and passion. Over the years as I have gotten to see her in action, I have been blown away by her leadership, energy, organization and communication skills. She is a relentlessly positive person with the tenacity to enact the kind of change we need to keep Ypsi moving forward. To me, she represents the very best of a new generation of emerging leaders and she has my wholehearted support.

Rene Greff, Ward 2

Amanda is a charismatic leader with visionary ideas and the power to make those ideas a reality. Amanda has an ability to think critically across systems, manage projects, and lead people with courage, compassion and with a sense of justice — core values and talents needed to lead our Michigan cities.

Lisa Rose Starner, MPA

As a former EMU student, I am excited about the opportunity the city of Ypsilanti, the University and residents have with the candidacy of Amanda Edmonds for mayor. Amanda’s energy and enthusiasm for Ypsilanti is truly inspiring, which is why I am proud to support her to be the next mayor.

Leo Cartier Jr, EMU Alum

Amanda is an amazing individual who has the ability to focus her passions and energy on all things beneficial for her community without conceit. I have been so amazed to see all she has accomplished and am inspired to be a better citizen in my community because of her.

Joe Malcoun, Area resident

No other person has the unique combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and relationships to positively move Ypsilanti forward into the future.

Lorie Thom, Ward 2

I have only known Amanda for a short while as a member of her campaign team. I was first pointed in her direction at the behest of people I hold in high regard. I was immediately drawn to her passion and love for the city. I’ve learned already, that her ambition and her car for our residents extends to each of us. Her open hand is extended to all without the air of exclusivity or exceptionalism. Being in the room with her compels me to take a more active and pronounced role in our community. It has been a pleasure to work with her so far and I look forward to seeing an Ypsilanti helped out by her direction.

John Fenton, Ward 2

I am thrilled to support Amanda’s candidacy, as she is a beacon of inspiration for sustainable community engagement! My entire six years in Ypsilanti, I have gotten to see more and more facets of her dedication and passion for serving our city and promoting equitable and inclusive improvements. It is very inspiring to see another “unconventional” woman following her dreams ;).

Erica Mooney, Ward 3

Amanda is a leader with a great vision and unique strategy to move Ypsilanti forward.Her dedication,proactive approach as well as her leadership skill will attract people,investments, and new ideas to our community. It is time for a positive change,a better and stronger

Dr. Nahid Yahyai

Amanda has energy and brains, and she knows Ypsilanti’s needs. Her proven ability to get things done is what Ypsilanti needs now! Join me in supporting Amanda for Mayor!

Mark Higbee, Ward 3

Over the last ten years, I’ve known Amanda to be a relentless force for positive change in our community and SE Michigan. She is a visionary, with a track record of overcoming obstacles to make bold vision a reality. She has already helped shape a better Ypsilanti through her many efforts and collaborative endeavors. As Mayor, I believe her passion for empowering her neighbors will only make Ypsilanti an even more incredible place to live, work and play in the future.

Jason Bing, Ward 3

Amanda with all her organizational Skills and Business Experience will make an Excellent Mayor.

Carole Clare, Ward 3

Amanda is a visionary that has a unique ability to bring her ideas to fruition in a complete and holistic style. I am always amazed at her tenacity for life, challenging the status-quo, and ability to encourage others with passion. I am looking forward to calling Amanda Edmonds “My Mayor” and am looking forward to seeing her visions become a reality for the citizenry of Ypsilanti.

Tyler Weston, Ward 3